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Mainstreaming MDGs into the planning and budgeting process in Kenya
Project No: MDGs09
Duration: 1st February 2005 - 31st December 2009
Location: Nationwide
Project Theme: Strategic Policy Advisory Unit

The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of State for Planning, National Development and
Vision 2030 will continue to implement activities under this transition period of the MDGs
mainstreaming project.

The execution of activities will be coordinated under the MDGs Project will be
implemented by the Millennium Development Goals Project Implementation Unit (MDG Unit) within
the Ministry

The tasks of the MDGs Unit will continue to be the following:

Mainstreaming MDGs in the Governments policy, planning and budgetary processes.
Coordinating and harmonizing MDGs related initiatives in Kenya.
Accelerating the achievement of MDGs in Kenya.

The partnership between Governments of Kenya, Finland and UNDP will be targeted at accelerated
achievement of the MDGs in Kenya through tracking progress, reporting and implementation of district
level interventions and quick-impact initiatives.

Kenya, being a signatory to the Millennium Declaration, embarked on the MDGs process in 2002. The
MDGs process covers the genesis of the Millennium Development Goals globally, locally and the
progress in their achievement to date. It also involves the strategy for their attainment by 2015.
In July 2003, the first MDGs Status Report was launched. The report indicated that apart from goal 2
(Achieve Universal Primary Education) and possibly goal 6 (Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other
diseases), the country would not meet the goals at the then pace of implementation of the goals. The
Status Report 2003 was a wake up call to the Government of Kenya and since then, the Government has put in place the MDGs implementation framework to address the goals. First, was to launch the MDGs based planning process in Kenya in May 2004. This was followed by a cabinet directive to mainstream MDGs into policy, planning and budgeting across all Government Ministries, Departments and Sectors.

In order to pursue the MDGs agenda in a more focused way and as a demonstration of commitment to the Millennium Declaration, the Government of Kenya, UNDP-Kenya and the Government of Finland
entered into an agreement to establish the project “Mainstreaming of MDGs in Kenya’s Development

The project was initiated in July 2005 and was to end in June; 2008.The project was extended
for a further period of six months to finalize implementation of approved activities. There will be a
transition period from January-December 2009 in order to give adequate time for the necessary
consultations and planning to take place for the preparations of the second phase of MDGs Programme.

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Project Documents
UNDPKE-MDGs Project document
UNDPKE-MDGs Project document
Project Partners
  • Ministry of State for Planning, National Development and Vision 2030
  • Embassy of Finland
Programme Officer
Nichiolas Kipyego
Officer Contacts
  • nicholas.kipyego@undp.org